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Birthdate:Sep 17
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
yo I'm Nox (she/her). I'm a total noob with this site so this is more a placeholder bio until I learn the customs and what not

Interests (145):

adventure time, against me!, alestorm, aliens, amanda palmer, animation, ash vs the evil dead, audiobooks, aurelio voltaire, avatar the last airbender, batman, biopunk, black metal motorcycle club, blitzkid, boom bap, brutal legend, cassette futurism, circus of horrors, comics, cyberpunk, cyborgs, danger doom, dark fantasy, darkwave, death metal, deathrock, deep fried memes, delinquents, desiel-punk, dr. haze and the circus of horrors, drawing, emo, fallout, fantasy, fantasy comedy, feminism, flobots, foe yay, folk, folk metal, folklore, frenchy and the punk, gaslamp fantasy, gay rights, girl punk, goblins, goth, gothic rock, harley poe, harley quinn, high fantasy, hilda, hollywood undead, horror, horror folk, horror movies, horrorcore, horrorpops, horrorpunk, icon for hire, industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock, joan jett, joan jett & the blackhearts, joan jett and the black hearts, jrpgs, lesbian, lgbtqia rights, life is strange, lofi hiphop, marvel, memes, metal, mf doom, misfits, motörhead, mutants, mythology, neil gaiman, nekrogoblikon, never mind the buzzcocks, nim vid, overwatch, philosophy, pirates, post apocaylptia, powermetal, professor elemental, psychobilly, punk, punk rock, pyrates!, queer rights, ramones, raypunk, retro-anime, robots, rock, roleplay, roleplaying, rp, rpgs, rufus rex, saints row, salt sea pirates, sci-fi, shadowrun, she-ra, stand up comedy, stardew valley, steampunk, superheroes, sword and planet, sword and sorcery, tabletop rpgs, teen titans, terato, teratophilia, terry pratchett, the circle jerks, the coffin caddies, the creeping cruds, the creepshow, the dread crew of oddworld, the koffin kats, the perculiar pretzelmen, the soviettes, the tragic tantrum, this way to the egress, thunderpussy, trans, trans rights, transhumanism, urban fantasy, vampire, vampires, video games, voltaire, wlw, writing, yandere, ye banished privateers, yuri, zombies
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